Carter, W. 1960a Phenococcus [Phenacoccus?] solani Ferris, a toxicogenic insect.. Journal of Economic Entomology 53(2): 322-323.

Notes: This species has not been recorded from pineapple and records of its occurrence anywhere in Hawaii are scarce. Infestation developed as contamination in a Dysmicoccus neobrevipes colony. Separate colonies of P. solani were then developed from single gravid females caged on Emilia and Portulaca oleracea. If very small seedlings of either plant species were used, the stems turned black and wilt occurred, but this was apparently a secondary infection by fungi. The symptom was very similar to that of damping-off. When larger plants of either species were used, large colonies developed before the plants collapsed. This paper is primarily concerned with the toxic effects of feeding on pineapple plants by the insect.