Carrejo, G.N.S., Bellotti, A.C., & González, O.R. 1991 [Evaluation of some determining factors in the efficiency of Cleothera notata (Col: Coccinellidae) as predator of the cassava mealybug Phenacoccus herreni (Hom: Pseudococcidae).]. Revista Colombiana de Entomología 17: 1, 21-27.

Notes: [Original title: Evaluación de algunos factores determinantes de la eficiencia de Cleothera notata (Col: Coccinellidae) como depredador del piojo harinoso de la yuca Phenacoccus herreni (Hom: Pseudococcidae). The pseudococcid Phenacoccus herreni is a pest of cassava in Colombia. A predator of P. herreni, Cleothera notata [Hyperaspis notata], was discovered in cassava fields and its life cycle studied in the laboratory. The coccinellid had four larval instars and the duration from commencement of the larval phase to the adult stage was 33.6, 27.2 and 22.1 days at 22, 25 and 30øC, resp. The optimum temperature for development was between 25 and 28øC.