Caballero, A., Potapov, A,, Rueda-Ramírez, D., & Scheu, S. 2022 Five new records of soil scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) for Indonesia. Soil Organisms 94(2): 85–98


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  • Notes: In this paper, we contribute to the knowledge of Indonesian scale insect diversity by analyzing specimens collected from rainforest, rubber and oil palm plantations in the Province of Jambi and Sumatra, Indonesia. The results include the new records of Rhizoecus americanus, Rhizoecus omphalius, Ripersiella bacorum, Ripersiella cryphia and Ripersiella sabahica (Rhizoecidae) with description of new intraspecific variations. Pseudococcus saccharicola (Pseudococcidae), Geococcus coffeae, and Rhizoecus pignerator (Rhizoecidae) were also collected in this study. With these species, the known Indonesian scale insect fauna increases to 370 species.