Bowie, M.H. 2001 Ecology and morphology of Allograpta ventralis (Diptera: Syrphidae) a predator of the cabbage tree mealybug Balanococcus cordylinidis (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae).. New Zealand Natural Sciences 26: 1-11.

Notes: Syrphid larvae collected from the bases of leaves of cabbage trees Cordyline australis (G. Forst.) Endl. and C. indivisa (G. Forst.) Steud. in the presence of their potential prey, the mealybug Balanococcus cordylinidis (Britten), were reared to adults. The syrphids were identified as Allograpta ventralis (Miller). Adult and larval numbers were monitored using pan traps. Most adults were caught in early November, whereas larval numbers peaked in mid December. Adults dissected to assess the range of plant pollens eaten showed eight plant families were exploited, with some flies travelling 75 m from the nearest potential pollen source to the pan traps. Larvae and pupae were dissected and assessed for the presence of parasitoid larvae. Megaspilidae (Hymenoptera) were found in 8.3% of the pupae. One syrphid adult contained 52 phoretic mites. Gravid female syrphids contained between nine and 63 eggs per individual.