Borg, J. 1922 . Cultivation and diseases of fruit trees. Government Printing Office Malta 622 pp.

Notes: Section on diseases of citrus trees includes brief reviews of 25 scale insects; Ceroplastes rusci discussed on fig trees; Diaspis pentagona, Ceroplastes rusci, Icerya purchasi, Lecanium oleae, L. hesperidum, Dactylopius citri and Aspidiotus hederae discussed on mulberry; Chrysomphalus dictyospermi, Mytilaspis pomorum, M. citricola, Lecanium oleae, Lecanium piri, Icerya purchasi, Aspidiotus hederae and Dactylopius citri discussed on pear; Mytilaspis pomorum, Lecanium oleae, L. mali, Ceroplastes rusci and Dactylopius citri discussed on apple; Mytilaspis pomorum, Aspidiotus hederae, Lecanium persicae and L. prunastri discussed on plum; other scales on cherry, walnut, stone-pine, custard apple, Chinese date palm, banana, prickly pear, and vine; description of damage caused to trees; control measures; distributions.