Borang, A. 1996 Important insect pests of forest nurseries and plantations in Arunachal Pradesh.. Impact of Diseases and Insect Pests in Tropical Forests. Boletin del Museo de Entomologia de la Universidad del Valle Kerala Forest Research Institute & Forestry Research Support Programme for Asia and the Pacific Kerala, India & Bangkok, Thailand 521 pp.

Notes: [Proceedings of the IUFRO Symposium held 23-26 November 1993 in Peechi, India.] Forests are the main source of revenue in Arunachal Pradesh. Large scale plantations are being raised and incidences of insect attack have been encountered. Important pests found in a survey initiated in 1988 are listed, along with notes on the damage caused and control methods practised. Aspidiotus camelliae is among the pests discussed.