Blank, R.H., Gill, G.S.C., & Stannard, K. 2000 Armoured scale infestation of fruit of Hort16A kiwifruit.. New Zealand Plant Protection 53: 205-210.

Notes: [The 53rd Conference Proceedings of the New Zealand Plant Protection Society held in Christchurch, 7-10 August 2000.] Hort16A, Actinidia chinensis is a new yellow-fleshed kiwifruit cultivar. Monitoring of unsprayed vines at kerikeri and Te Puke Research Centres from 1996 to 1999 showed that armoured scale infested, on average 47% (SE ± 0.4) of fruit at harvest, with an average of 11 (SE ÷ 1.9) scale per infested fruit. Greedy scale, Hemiberlesia rapax, was the dominant species found on fruit. A survey of orchards managed using the KiwiGreen programme found five crops with 0.4-3.5% scale infested fruit, which were successfully exported. One crop which had 25% scale infested fruit was unable to be exported. Fruit rejected in the packhouse for scale were found to have an average of 28.9 scale per fruit indicating that breeding occurred on the fruit. Control of scale will be essential for the success of Hort16A as an export crop.