Blank, R.H., Gill, G.S.C., & Olson, M.H. 1994 Relationship between armoured scale infestations on kiwifruit leaves and fruit.. Proceedings of the Forty Seventh New Zealand Plant Protection Conference. Waitangi Hotel, New Zealand: Aug. 9-11, 1994. New Zealand Plant Protection Society Rotorua, New Zealand

Notes: Abstract: Scales included Hemiberlesia rapax and H. lataniae; at high scale levels, an exponential model derived from data pooled from all insecticide trials predicted ratios of 8:1 and 2.5:1 scale infested leaves to fruit at 40 and 80% infested leaves respectively; at lower scale levels a linear model for the pooled data predicted a ratio of 17:1 scale infested leaves to fruit; however, the 95% predictive intervals show that the model has little value for the prediction of individual observations; the choice of spray threshold cannot be more precisely determined until the precision of packhouse scale grading procedures is quantified.