Bhattacharya, A., Mishra, Y.D., Sharma, K.K., & Sushil, S.N. 1999 Effect of different pesticide combinations on crop yield under intensive lac cultivation on Flemingia macrophylla.. Journal of Applied Zoological Research 10(1): 59-61.

Notes: Different pesticides (dichlorvos, 0.03%; endosulfan, 0.05% and carbendazim, 0.01%), in single or combination doses, were tried at spraying intervals of 3 and 4 weeks on kusmi lac (Kerria lacca) cultured on F. macrophylla to devise a chemical control schedule capable of protecting lac insects from harmful biota with least disruption to the beneficial organisms. Combination spray of 3 pesticides at 3-week-intervals resulted in highly significant increases in crop yield compared to the control and the individual pesticides used.