Besheit, S.Y, Abaziad, A.A., Gomaa, A.M.E.S., & El Hamd, A.S.A. 2002 The influence of the infestation by the soft scale insect, Pulvinara tenuivalvata (Newstead), Coccidae, Homoptera, on sugarcane stalk weight, juice quality and sugar yield in upper Egypt.. Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 33(4): 17-28.

Notes: The effects of Pulvinaria tenuivalvata [Pulvinaria tenuivalvata] infestation on the yield and quality of plant cane, first-year ratoon, and second-year ratoon crops of sugarcane cv. G.T. 54/9 were studied in El-Ashei, Egypt, in 1998, 1999, and 2000. The reduction in stalk weight, juice extraction percentage, brix (total soluble solid), cane and juice sugar percentage, and juice purity percentage, and sugar yield was more pronounced under severe infestation than under light or moderate infestation. Reducing sugar and glucose ratio, however, increased with the increase in infestation level. Plant cane recorded the highest average stalk weight and juice extraction percentage. First ratoon crops registered the highest brix percentage, sugar yield, and purity percentage, and the lowest reducing sugar content and glucose ratio.