Bennett, F.D., Rosen, D., Cochereau, P., & Wood, B.J. 1976 Biological control of pests of tropical fruits and nuts.. Theory and Practice of Biological Control. Academic Press New York 788 pp.

Notes: Aonidiella aurantii, Ceroplastes rubens, Chrysomphalus aonidum, C. dictyospermi, Coccus hesperidum, C. pseudomagnoliarum, Icerya purchasi, Lepidosaphes beckii, Planococcus citri, Pseudococcus citriculus, P. fragilis and Saissetia oleae are among the pests of citrus reviewed. Planococcus kenyae is reviewed as a pest of coffee, Chloropulvinaria psidii as a pest of guava, Ceroplastes cirripediformis as a pest of passion fruit, Dysmicoccus brevipes as a pest of pineapple and Chrysomphalus aonidum as a pest of banana. Pseudococcus longispinus is mentioned as a pest of avocado (as well as citrus), and Icerya aegyptiaca as a pest of avocado. Scale insects on coconuts include Aspidiotus destructor, Chrysomphalus aonidum, Ischnaspis longirostris, Pinnaspis buxi and Pseudaulacaspis pentagona.