Ben-Dov, Y., & German, V. 2003 . A Systematic Catalogue of the Diaspididae (Armoured Scale Insects) of the World, Subfamilies Aspidiotinae, Comstockiellinae and Odonaspidinae. Intercept Andover, Hants, U.K. 1112 pp.

Notes: The armoured scale insects comprise the largest family, Diaspididae, in the superfamily Coccoidea. Several species of armoured scale insects, for example the California red scale and the pernicious scale, are of great economic importance as they are destructive pests to crops such as cassava, citrus, avocado, sugarcane, pineapple, as well as various forest trees and ornamentals. This catalogue provides up-to-date data on three subfamilies, namely Aspidiotinae, Comstockiellinae and Odonaspidinae, covering 864 species placed in 118 genera, which have been described in the family since Linnaeus (1758), until December 2002, the cut-off date. This book is a synthesis and catalogue of all of the information published on these genera and species worldwide up to December 2002, and gives information on their correct scientific name, taxonomy, common names, synonyms, host plants, geographical distribution, natural enemies, biology, economic importance, and published references. This catalogue will be of major importance to scale insect students, crop protection specialists, quarantine officers and any entomologist who requires information about armoured scale insects, either for research or for control projects.