Beltrá, A., Garcia Marí, F., & Soto, A. 2013a El Cotonet de les Valls, Delottococcus aberiae Nueva Plaga de los Citricos [El Cotonet de les Valls, Delottococcus aberiae, New Plague of Citrus]. Levante Agricola 2013(4): 1-5


  • biology
  • diagnosis
  • distribution
  • host
  • illustration
  • morphology
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: In the first months of 2009, a very dangerous pseudococcid insect was detected. similar to cotton, causing intense alterations in the shape of the fruits in some citrus plots in the town of Benifairó de les Valls (Valencia). The detailed observation, under a microscope, of its morphological characters and the consultation with experts from other countries has made it possible to identify it as Delottococcus aberiae (De Lotto), pseudococcid native to Africa Sub-Saharan whose presence was hitherto unknown in Europe and of which There are hardly any data on its damage to citrus anywhere in the world. The presence of the insect is restricted to a limited area that roughly coincides with the subregion of Les Valls, to the north of the province of Valencia, hence it has been commonly called "El cotonet de Les Valls". In this work, a series of systematic and morphological aspects are described. of the insect as well as some initial observations of its biology and behavior.