Baumann, P., Munson, M.A., Lai, C.Y., Clark, M.A., Baumann, L., Moran, N.A., & Campbell, B.C. 1993 Origin and properties of bacterial endosymbionts of aphids, whiteflies, and mealybugs.. American Society for Microbiology News 59: 21-24.

Notes: Subtitle: For aphids, the endosymbiont has many properties of free-living eubacteria; these small syringe-like insects penetrate plants and suck up their juices for nutrients; acting like unsterilized needles, these insects transmit a variety of agriculturally important plant diseases; bacteria are, therefore, a vital component of these organisms and their ecosystems; a better understanding of the characteristics that lead to insect-bacterium interdependence could lead someday to new ways of confronting insect pests and the spread of damaging diseases of agriculturally valuable plants; recombinant DNA methods provide information about endosymbionts.