Baskaran, R.K.M., Lakshmi, L.G., & Uthamasamy, S. 1999a Coccids and their management in guava intercropped with coconut.. Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems 5(1): 28-31.

Notes: Ferrisia virgata was the dominant coccid species, infesting 98% of guava trees, followed by Maconellicoccus hirsutus (2%) and Pericerya purchasi [Icerya purchasi] (1%), at a site in Tamil Nadu, India, in April 1998. Monocrotophos (0.072%), malathion (0.25%), dimethoate (0.06%) and phosalone (0.175%) were evaluated for F. virgata control. Dimethoate and malathion were most effective at controlling F. virgata. Guava leaf disks were offered to F. virgata and P. purchasi after treating with phosalone (0.175%), phosphamidon (0.086%), monocrotophos (0.072%), dichlorvos (0.1%), malathion (0.25%) and dimethoate (0.06%) by leaf dipping and leaf spraying. The leaf dip assay was most effective, recording 100% mortality to both F. virgata and P. purchasi 24 h after treatment.