Badshah, H., Ullah, F., Calatayud, P.A., & Crickmore, N. 2016 Host stage preference and parasitism behaviour of Aenasius bambawalei an encyrtid parasitoid of Phenacoccus solenopsis. Biocontrol Science and Technology 26(12): 1605-1616


  • biological control
  • Notes: In Pakistan,a parasitoid, Aenasius bambawalei Hayat (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), is associated with Phenacoccus solenopsis. In order to mass rear A. bambawalei for a biological control program, it is important to investigate the parasitoid’s host stage preference and its parasitism behavior for P. solenopsis in order to optimise production. The present study showed that under both choice and no-choice conditions, the parasitoid preferred third instar and pre-reproductive host stage mealybugs for parasitism. Parasitoid larva developing inside the host exhibited a greater longevity, shorter developmental period and longer body size in these preferred host stages. Our study also confirmed that A. bambawalei showed no attraction to male mealybugs and no host feeding on any host stage was recorded.