Aslam, M.N., ul-Haq, E., & Aslam, M. 2020 Rational Management of Phenococcus solenopsis Through Conservation and Augmentation of Aenasius bambawalei and Cryptolaemus montrouzieri in Pakistan. The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences 30(3): 766-774


  • biological control
  • natural enemies
  • Notes: This study was carried out during 2012 & 2013 in Multan District, Punjab, Pakistan to evaluate the response and conservation of biocontrol agents i.e. Aenasius bambawalei Hayat (= A. arizonensis Fallahzadeh, 2014) and Cryptolaemous montrouzieri Mulsant, 1850 against cotton mealybug (CMB), Phenococcus solenopsis. Cost benefit ratio of NEFR assessed was 1:1.8 and 1:3.2 when the crop losses reduced 20 to 50 percent in comparison with control field.

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