Aroua, K., Kaydan, M.B., Belguendouz, R., Achiri, T.D., & Biche, M. 2019 Inventaire Descochenilles des Agrumes (Clémentinier et Oranger) dans Deux Régions de la Mitidja (Algérie) [Inventory the Scale Insect of Citrus Fruits (Clementine and Orange) in Two Regions of Mitidja (Algeria)]. Revue Agrobiologia 9(2): 1707-1714


  • distribution
  • economic importance
  • host
  • list
  • Notes: The goal is to update and identify these species of scale insect living on citrus fruits. The study brought together the data obtained with those previously reported in the literature over the period of 117 years. A critical review of citrus scale insect literature in Algeria revealed the presence of 21 species. In this document, 10 species of mealybugs have been recorded.

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