Alemán, J., Martínez, M.A., Milián, O., Massó, E., & Rijo, E. 2004 Alternatives for Cryptolaemus montrouzieri artificial rearing.. Revista de Protección Vegetal 19(2): 131-132.

Notes: Several alternatives for C. montrouzieri artificial rearing were tested. They were: the use of Galleria mellonella eggs, aphid colonies and banana plants infested with the mealybug Dysmicoccus bispinosus [D. texensis]. C. montrouzieri was able to feed itself and complete its life cycle over the three assayed substrates. No deformations on C. montrouzieri larvae, pupae or adults were observed. The adults obtained were used as parental for the next generation. This method could be recommended for Cuban laboratories where C. montrouzieri is massively reared.