Ahmed, M.Z., Moore, M.R., Rohrig, E.A., McKenzie, C.L., Liu, D., Feng, J., Normark, B.B., & Miller, D.R. 2021 Taxonomic and identification review of adventive Fiorinia Targioni Tozzetti (Hemiptera, Coccomorpha, Diaspididae) of the United States. ZooKeys 1065: 141–203


  • DNA
  • diagnosis
  • illustration
  • key
  • male
  • nymph
  • taxonomy
  • Notes: This work provides general descriptions, illustrations, molecular diagnostic data, taxonomic keys, slide mounting recommendations, and Florida distribution records for Fiorinia Targioni Tozzetti species occurring in the USA. Taxonomic keys to second-instar males and females are developed for the first time and previously available taxonomic keys to first-instar nymphs and adult females are improved. DNA sequences were used to further evaluate the monophyly of Fiorinia and provide additional diagnostic tools for Fiorinia species. Multigene phylogenetic analyses, COI barcoding methods, and examination of type material indicate that F. yongxingensis Liu, Cai & Feng, 2020, syn. nov. is a junior synonym of F. phantasma.

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