Adenuga, A.O., & Adeboyeku, K. 1987 Notes on distribution of ant-Homoptera interaction on selected crop plants.. Insect Science and its Application 8: 239-243.

Notes: Recent surveys have shown that ant-Homoptera associations are not limited to coca trees but a large number of other plant species serve as hosts; some ant species may tend more than one Homopteran species on a number of different host plants; seasonal abundance of the homopterans and their tending ants was studied on cocoa, mango and pigeon pea; scale species mentioned include Stictococcus sjostedti, Phenacoccus madierensis (madeirensis?), Coccus hesperidum, Ceroplastes sp., Planococcus ficus, Planococcoides njalensis, Pseudococcus hargreavesi, Dysmicoccus brevipes, Udinia catori and Saissetia sp.