Abd-Rabou, S. 2004b Revision of the genus Aphytis (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) with descriptions of two new species from Egypt.. Entomologia Sinica 11(2): 149-164.

Notes: The Egyptian species of the aphelinid genus Aphytis Howard are reviewed. Aphytis azai Abd-Rabou and Aphytis matruhi Abd-Rabou are described as new species from Egypt. Each species is briefly diagnosed and known information on hosts and distributed is given. A. azai sp. nov. is similar to A. melinus but different in the measurement of antennal segments. A. matruhi sp. nov. differs from A. lepidosaphes by the relative length of propodeum, metanotum and scutellum. A key to the Egyptian species of Aphytis is provided. Hosts include Aonidiella aurantii and Lepidosaphes beckii.