Abd El-Kareim, A.I. 1998 Swarming activity of the adult males of Parlatoria date scale in response to sex pheromone extracts and sticky color traps.. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 31: 3, 301-307.

Notes: Adult females of Parlatoria blanchardi [P. blanchardii] were shown in the laboratory to release sex pheromone when they were about 10 days old. Parthenogenesis was not detected. In response to sex pheromone in date palm orchards in Egypt in 1993, males showed a morning-crepuscular pattern of activity. Pheromone-baited blue and white sticky traps attracted more males than those of any other colour tested. Winged males predominated in spring, and wingless ones in the summer generation. Generally, wingless individuals were more abundant at the end of each generation. In a trial with blue traps in the field, the reduction of numbers of P. blanchardii reached 39%, as compared with control trees without traps.