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Pseudococcus apomicrocirculus Gimpel & Miller, 1996 (Pseudococcidae: Pseudococcus)

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Families: 1 | Genera: 7

Geographic Distribution

Countries: 2


  • GranarGo2018: pp.10-14 ( Adult (F) ) [Central & South American Pseudococcus]
  • VonEllWa2016: pp.74-76 ( Adult (F) ) [Pseudococcus species present in the New World]
  • GimpelMi1996: pp.20 ( Adult (F) ) [World]


  • Structure: Circulus small, located on segment III; translucent pores restricted to hind tibiae; oral collars mesad of cerarium 12 or 10 and 11; 13-28 dorsal oral rims on abdomen; ventral multilocular pores on segments IV, V, or VI-VIII; discoidal pore near eye small, about 3µ in width; legs short, femur 170-227µ long. (Gimpel & Miler, 1996)
  • General Remarks: Has been predominantly taken in quarantine from Mexico, exclusively on orchids. Good description and illustration of the adult female given by Gimpel & Miller (1996).