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Sunday, 24th of May, 2015

Find scales described by an author


Enter author's last name using unicode characters, i.e. use diacritics.


The following is a list of diacritics you may need use when performing queries on author names. To use the diacritics, copy the diacritic from this page and paste it into the field on the query screen.

An alternative for Windows users is to use the special keystroke sequences for the characters. To use the keystroke sequence, press the Alt key, and while holding the Alt key, use the numeric key pad to enter the number specified in the table. You must use the numeric key pad to enter the number -- the number keys on the keyboard will not work. For example, to type an "a" with an acute accent (á), you would press and hold the Alt key and then enter "0225" on the numeric keypad. This method should work with most browsers.

Lower Case Upper Case
Character Kestroke Sequence Character Kestroke Sequence
à Alt+0224 À Alt+0192
á Alt+0225 Á Alt+0193
â Alt+0226 Â Alt+0194
ã Alt+0227 Ã Alt+0195
ä Alt+0228 Ä Alt+0196
ç Alt+0231 Ç Alt+0199
è Alt+0232 È Alt+0200
é Alt+0233 É Alt+0201
ê Alt+0234 Ê Alt+0202
ë Alt+0235 Ë Alt+0203
ì Alt+0236 Ì Alt+0204
í Alt+0237 Í Alt+0205
î Alt+0238 Î Alt+0206
ï Alt+0239 Ï Alt+0207
ñ Alt+0241 Ñ Alt+0209
ò Alt+0242 Ò Alt+0210
ó Alt+0243 Ó Alt+0211
ô Alt+0244 Ô Alt+0212
õ Alt+0245 Õ Alt+0213
ö Alt+0246 Ö Alt+0214
š Alt+0154 Š Alt+0138
ù Alt+0249 Ù Alt+0217
ú Alt+0250 Ú Alt+0218
û Alt+0251 Û Alt+0219
ü Alt+0252 Ü Alt+0220