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Friday, 3rd of July, 2015

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Note: This is a development version of ScaleNet. For more current data, please visit the original site.

ScaleNet is a model of the scale insect literature assembled from 22411 references. Currently it contains nomenclatural, bibliographic, biological and ecological data related to 19649 binomials, 7731 of which are valid species names. Use the Search menu to query the database, or drill down through the classification (link in next paragraph).

Scale insects (classification) are sedentary plant parasites. Most are sap-suckers, but some (notably the diverse family Diaspididae) feed on parychema cells. Scale insects are interesting to evolutionary biologists for a number of reasons. They have intimate relationships with host plants, endosymbionts and social hymenoptera. They have unusual sexual systems in which males are functionaly haploid, and unusual developmen - adult females are paedomorphic. To most people familiar with scale insects, it is as pests, especisaly of horticultural plants and fruit trees.

Open Source Tools and Management

This is a re-implementation of the original version of ScaleNet, a FoxPro application hosted by the USDA. This version is a Django + PostgreSQL application. It replicates the query functions of the USDA app. It also provides new analytical modules (see Summarize menu) and an online administrative interface (Manage menu). The data model has been extensively normalized, the front-end has been re-designed, and URLs are much prettier.